Winner of the British Psychological Society Book Award 2007

“In this brilliant new edition Andy Field has introduced important new introductory material on statistics that the student will need and was missing at least in the first edition. This book is the best blend that I know of a textbook in statistics and a manual on SPSS. It is a balanced composite of both topics, using SPSS to illustrate important statistical material and, through graphics, to make visible important approaches to data analysis. There are many places in the book where I had to laugh, and that’s saying a lot for a book on statistics. His excellent style engages the reader and makes reading about statistics fun'” – David C Howell, Professor Emeritus, University of Vermont

“The new edition of Field’s textbook confirms its place as the best statistics text for undergraduate social science students. It provides support for those less confident about statistical analysis whilst having sufficient depth that it will still be valuable to more mathematically experienced people. There is a focus throughout on the practical aspects of data analysis and interpretation whilst at the same time emphasizing the importance of rigour and a good understating of theory essential reading” Dr Ian Walker, Department of Psychology, University of Bath

From Sage’s web site (I don’t write this guff …):

Unrivalled in the way it makes the teaching of statistics compelling and accessible to even the most anxious of students, the only statistics textbook you and your students will ever need just got better! Andy Field’s bestselling Discovering Statistics Using SPSS 4th Edition, already an immensely comprehensive textbook – taking students from first principles to advanced statistical concepts, and all the while grounding knowledge through the use of SPSS – now focuses on providing essential updates, better accessibility to its key features, more instructor resources and broader reach to new student groups – with powerful new digital developments on the textbook’s companion website.

New to the 4th Edition

  • Manage and monitor your student’s progress quickly and easily online with WebAssign® Choose to use WebAssign® alongside the new Fourth Edition of Andy Field’s textbook and in moments you can set up and schedule assignments and track individual performance so you can spot in an instant where more instruction or practice is needed. If required, WebAssign® lets you set questions for your students to practise over and over again. They get instant feedback and also links to the relevant chapter or section in the integral ebook to help them work out the correct solution.
  • Students can study when and where they like with the new SAGE MobileStudy site by scanning any QR code within the book to access revision material on their smartphone or tablet such as Cramming Sam’s Study tips, flashcard glossaries, interactive multiple choice questionnaires and more
  • Education and Sport Sciences lecturer support materials with enhanced ones for Psychology, Business and Management and the Health Sciences make the book even more relevant to a wider range of subjects across the social sciences and where statistics is taught to a cross-disciplinary audience.
  • Fully compatible with recent IBM SPSS Statistics releases up to and including version 21
  • Exciting new characters. Statistical cult leader Oditi provides students with access to video clips to help further understanding of statistical/SPSS concepts, while Confusious helps students to make better sense of statistical terms
  • An enhanced Companion Website offers plenty of lecturer and student material to use in conjunction with the textbook. These include PowerPoints and Testbanks for lecturers as well as answers to the Smart Alex tasks at the end of the each chapter; datafiles for testing problems in SPSS; flashcards of key concepts; self-assessment multiple-choice questions; and online videos of key statistical and SPSS procedures discussed in the textbook for students